Community Investment

By giving of your time, talents, and treasures, you can make an incredible impact in the lives of neighbors facing the challenges of substandard living conditions.  Your investment creates lifelong friendships, galvanizes neighborhoods, and strengthens programs necessary to equip communities with tools to thrive.

Foundation of Hearts

Foundation of Hearts members are individuals, organizations, and businesses dedicated to building a strong foundation for raising substandard housing conditions in their community through regular giving. Just like pouring a good foundation is critical for sustainable housing, a good foundation of regular giving is critical for sustaining Repairing Hands work in the community.


Repairing Homes and Repairing Hearts

$25 = 100 sq. ft. roll of wall insulation (warmth)

$50 = 50 lb. box of nails (must have)

$100 = Roof truss (safety)

$250 = Double Energy Star certified window (wind/rain)

$500 = Kitchen countertops (food prep / health)

$1,200 = Energy Star certified furnace (heat)

Other ways to contribute

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