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Thank you for contacting Repairing Hands Ministries. We look forward to assisting you with all your home repair needs. Please complete and submit our assistance request form(below). A Repairing Hands representative will contact you within 24 hours:

All interaction with Repairing Hands Ministries are considered confidential unless otherwise specified   

Repairing Hands Online Assistance Request Form
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Construction Assistance Process Repairing Hands Process Guidelines
The purpose of the Repairing Hands, Inc. is to provide aid to an individual who is in need relating to personal home repairs. The Construction Assistance Fund may not be applicable for cases which need long-term or extensive home repairs. Repairing Hands, Inc. has the right to adjust, approve, disapprove an applicant’s request and/or consider alternate actions at any time during the approval process. *
Applicants are not granted financial assistance based on relationships between church(s), being a significant church contributor or faith based belief’s. Repairing Hands, Inc. does not discriminate between applicants based upon race, color, sex, nationality, age, geographic territory, disability, religion or lack thereof. Repairing Hands, Inc. is not a provider of food, housing, transportation, medical assistance, financial assistance or long term services of any sort. *
Basic Requirements: *
1. Acceptance of a 30-day ministerial period for the entire household from a partnering Church of applicant’s choice. 2. On site meeting with the all members of the household. Dates and times to be discussed upon approval. 3. Access granted for a full inspection of the home, interior and exterior. 4. Proper documentation of ownership.
Exclusions: *
1. Undergoing bankruptcy in which case the house is included and will be foreclosed. 2. Legal fees related to family disputes. 3. Long term damages, repetitive damages, structural damages or issues and/or repairs exceed replacing the home. 4. Rent, lease (without proper documents to own) or owned by another individual not residing in the house. 5. Applicant fails or unable to provide proper documentation of ownership.
Construction Assistance Process: *
1. Complete and submit the Construction Assistance Request Form. 2. A team member will contact the applicant(s) regarding the request for appropriate meetings and inspections of the home. 3. The board will then meet for approval. (note: typically, this will happen on a monthly basis but given an emergency situation, can be done sooner.) 4. The board will approve, deny or request additional information. 5. You will be contacted with the decision at which we will go over further processes, expectations and schedule of events. 6. You will be contacted by a partnering Church for ministerial needs. 7. The work will be scheduled and completed per predetermined schedule of events. 8. A team member will do a final site inspection and walk thru to determine all predetermined work is completed.
Additional Criteria: *
At the request of the board, applicant may be asked to provide one or all of the following: 1. Proof of income, ownership of home, bank statements and/or expenses. 2. Participation in financial or family counseling. (paid for by Repairing Hands) 3. Take a class on biblical financial management or complete a workbook on biblical stewardship.
Thank you and God Bless!! Repairing Hands, Inc. PO Box 710 Jefferson GA 30549 Other comments: